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bODY Factory

What do we know about a human's body? "Everything!" will be what most of you will say.Biology searched every corner of the body revealing all of it's secrets. Almost.. They forgot about the little guys inside the brain that rule over the entire body,and the other tiny workers that make our body move and function. :) Follow with Yuri Katz,the new assigned supervisor,and his future co-workers who rule over the body of Melissa Hugues,a high-school girl.


Grand Opening!!!!!!11!one

"Body Factory" now open! :D

Hopefully,I'll manage to find more free time,more imagination and more space on disk C

I don't speek english,and I didn't study english either,but I hope everyone will understand what I say.If there are some mistakes,please let me now ;3

Now back to drawing some more pages xD

posted by Higureoneesama @ October 23rd, 2009, 9:57 am  -  0 comments

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